masdar solar energy solutions
masdar solar energy solutions masdar solar energy solutions masdar solar energy solutions masdar solar energy solutions masdar solar energy solutions
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Masdar is a leading company specialized in the field of green investments. We provide several green investment solutions for our clients from all over the globe. We aim to work to our highest potential and to invest all our efforts in order to provide a set of comprehensive and outstanding investment solutions, by convoying the technical evolution in the field of investment into the international green markets. Our fundamental vision is to help investors identify what's new about green products in the international markets, and by clarifying all concepts and terms regarding this kind of investment.
  • masdar solar energy solutions
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    Home lighting and Electronic Equipments System are powered by solar energy using solar cells that convert solar energy (sunlight) directly to electricity. The electricity is stored in batteries and used for the purpose of lighting whenever required. These systems are useful in non-electrified rural areas and as reliable emergency lighting system for important domestic, commercial and industrial applications.
    Masdar has a network of dedicated partners, each bringing their special expertise and contribution. These businesses, associations, foundations, government agencies, and universities have been instrumental in the development and operation of World Community Grid. They also have been encouraging their employees, members, grantees, students and faculty to contribute their unused PC time.
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    Our LED-illuminated road marking products enhance road safety and save lives, energy, and money for road operators around the world. Masdar produced the very first Road Light Markings MADE IN CYPRUS. Thanks to Masdar Technology, our marker's lifespan can exceed 5 years - more than two times longer than the conventional battery-based devices in the market today.
    masdar solar energy solutions